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Howard County Dental Association is pleased to offer the following continuing education course:  

December 4, 2019, 6:00 p.m.
Sheraton Columbia Town Center
10207 Wincopin Circle
Be a Death Defier - Save a Life, a Dental Implant, a Periodontium.
Why you must know more about tobacco and nicotine addiction
2 CE credits - AGD 158 Tobacco Cessation
Nevin Zablotsky, DMD
Course Description:

The use of tobacco products continues to create serious health compromises to those addicted to its use. In addition to the harmful effects to the lungs and heart, cigarette and smokeless tobacco use are causing significant compromises to the oral cavity as well; the most dangerous being oral cancer.

This course will help wade through the various types of tobacco products on the market and how each has very specific effects on the oral cavity as well as other systems of the body. There will be a review of the latest pharmaceutical drugs being utilized to quit tobacco use as well as other techniques being employed. The use of role playing scripts will be offered to help simplify for dental offices their role in helping their tobacco addicted patients. The ultimate goal of this course will be to help make guiding these patients a truly gratifying experience.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this presentation, the attendees will know how to:

  1. Know the tobacco and nicotine products that are currently being used.

  2. Know their impact on oral and overall health.

  3. Understand the basics of nicotine addiction.

  4. Learn the smoking cessation modalities which are currently available.

  5. Learn when and where to refer patients for help.

  6. Make working with tobacco addicted patients one of the most gratifying experiences of ones dental professional career

Speaker Description:

Nevin Zablotsky, DMD

Senior Consultant and Lecturer, Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine

Board Member, Coalition for a Tobacco Free Vermont


Dr. Zablotsky received his dental and postgraduate degree in periodontology from the Tufts School of Dental Medicine. He has lectured throughout the U.S. and internationally on tobacco related issues and has lectured, and continues to lecture for the American Dental Association. He recently authored a chapter on tobacco and oral health, and tobacco cessation in the periodontal textbook, “Non-Surgical Control of Periodontal Diseases.” He received the Vermont Advocate of the Year award from the American Cancer Society and the lifetime achievement award for the Vermont Special Olympics, and was the past president of the Vermont Periodontal Society.

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