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Your member benefits don't stop at the local level

HCDA Benefits

Being a member of the Howard County Dental Association gives you access to:

  • Eight free continuing education credits per year (on an average year)

  • A voice in changing the laws that affect dentistry

  • Opportunities to help the community with outreach efforts

  • An organization where you can express your ideas and goals, and see through to their implementation

  • Social events with your peers

  • Continually update information on dentistry in your community

  • The involvement and protection of dentists and patients through the peer review process

  • A place to grow as a dentist, and ascend through the ranks of organized dentistry to become an influential leader in your profession


MSDA Benefits

State level advocacy,  the annual Chesapeake Dental Conference, and Member Perks are just a few benefits available to you.  Learn more about what MSDA offers here.


ADA Benefits:

Please see the ADA website for the continuously updated list of ADA benefits


Being a member of  Howard County Dental Association means you are also a member of Maryland State Dental Association and the American Dental Association (often known as the tripartite ).  Each of the three levels offer different benefits.

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