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If you're a dentist and you want to accomplish something that's simply too much to handle through your practice, we are how you get it done.

Maybe you would like to change a law that affects dentistry, perhaps you would like to put together a program to bring dentistry to the needy, or you would like to bring a new topic forth in continuing education.


As a dentist in your individual practice, you likely do not have the power to handle goals like this. In fact, our dental offices exist as individual islands throughout the region, subject to the whims of laws and forces which affect, or often threaten your practice, your profession, and your patients.


This is why dentists take the power of their individual practices and combine them with that of their peers. United and organized dentists have the capability to pursue their collective and individual goals which protect dentistry, its patients, and ensure the future of dentistry is directed by its most capable navigators - dentists.


This collaboration of dentists is known as the American Dental Association (ADA).  The ADA exists on three levels: national, state, and local, and Howard County Dental Association represents dentists at the local level.


When you become a member of the Howard County Dental Association you also become a member of the Maryland State Dental Association and the American Dental Association. This trifecta is what we call "tripartite membership," and, in fact, to be a member of one you must be a member of all three.


Each level within the tripartite sets its own dues, elects its own officers and directors, and makes decisions on the services and benefits it offers to its members. This mutually supportive structure promotes unity in the dental profession, facilitates consistency, and encourages a unified voice. It also allows dentists to become active in achieving their goals on whichever regional scale is applicable to them.


Association members are impacted by issues and regulations at all three levels, and tripartite organized dentistry encourages joint advocacy at each of them. This collaboration provides a powerful voice to speak on issues to improve public health, and the art and science of dentistry.


What is Howard County Dental Association?

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