HCDA Board of Directors

The Howard County Dental Association Board of Directors is the governing body of this organization. The board regularly meets to review strategic objectives, progress on initiatives, and renew their vision for the future. The Howard County Dental Association is not for profit organization dedicated to supporting a network of doctors who are:

  • Always learning, so they can provide the best possible care to their patients

  • Committed to volunteering their time within the Howard County community to raise awareness about proper oral healthcare

  • Knowledgeable about public policy and legislation affecting dental practitioners in Maryland, and across the nation

2019 Board of Directors

Executive Leadership


Collin Steinweg, D.D.S. 



David Bonebreak, D.D.S.

Past President

 Bruce Altschuler, D.D.S.    

President Elect, 

Membership Chair               

Richard Fein, D.M.D.


Raksha Mirchandani, D.D.S.


HCDA Board Meeting, MSDA Headquarters

Board Members

Larry Katkow, D.D.S.

Continuing Education Chair  

Byron Bonebreak, D.D.S.

Legislative/Advocacy Chair

Miluska Masaschi-Sanchez, D.D.S. 

Outreach Chair

Maryam Roosta, D.D.S.

Peer Review Co-Chair

Ben Sandler, D.D.S.

Peer Review Co-Chair

Jeff Mazursky, D.D.S.

MSDA Trustee

Vanessa Benavent, D.D.S.


Bruce Altschuler, D.D.S.

MSDA Delegate

Joseph Davidson, D.D.S.

MSDA Delegate

Herb Benavent, D.D.S.

MSDA Delegate

Mohammad Nabavi, D.D.S.

MSDA Delegate

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